August 31, 2006

OZ Trailer

I was in a trailer cuttin' mood this week and slapped together this two minute clip reel of the Oz episode I directed. This episode was written by Tom Fontana, Sunil Nayer and Brad Winters. The latter author is significant because I believe he was primarily responsible for what I consider to be the heart of script - the relationship between the two O'Reily brothers (brilliantly portrayed by Brad's own brothers Dean and Scott Winters).

Re-watching this episode, I was reminded just how great Dean is here in the role of Ryan O'Reily. It's his episode and he really rose to the challenge to deliver a touching, understated performance... which is notable because it seemed like every other page of the script had him crying as the execution date of his mentally challenged brother looms closer. In less-sure hands this could have easily turned into a maudlin sob-fest, but Dean reined it all in and arched the emotion perfectly.

I was really lucky that Tom chose me for this one... it's not a typical Oz story and I got to focus on 30 pages of character specific material developed by these three talented fellows. I only wish I was a little more experienced at the time... it could have been even better. That, and it would have been a real feather in my cap to be able to say that I directed one of those notable Oz prison rape scenes, but alas... beggars can't be choosers.

Incidentally, this episode was rated as the highest from that season (A-) by the readers of Television Without Pity. A snarky group of discriminating viewers, to be sure. It's an honor I don't hold lightly.

I think the season six dvd is coming out in early September. Pick it up if you'd like to see the whole episode. I understand that there's a running commentary by the three Winters Brothers. I'll be interested to get their honest, no-holds-barred take on it. Actually, I'm cringing with dread. Let me know what they say... unless it's bad.

OZ, episode 606 trailer

August 27, 2006

Trailer is online!

I cut together a little trailer for the film this weekend to a piece of music called "Trip to Booker" by T Spigot. From what I can tell, T Spigot is comprised of a couple of DJs in England who saw Delusions and wrote this incredible song... totally appropriate for the piece. I never put any music to the film because I just couldn't imagine any traditional score fitting the tone, but these guys pulled it off. Love it. They even interspersed audio clips from the film... without asking permission, incidentally, which is fine as long as they don't mind me appropriating the tune for the DVD. ; )


Cinemax in Brazil

Hola. Looks like Delusions is playing in Brazil, and possibly through Central and South America, this month and next. Good to know. If knew about these things in advance, I would certainly tell you, but truthfully... the sales agents never tell me a thing.

August 25, 2006

DVD project is underway

I know it's been a little while since I first posted my thoughts on creating the definitive Delusions DVD, but rest assured... the project is beginning today. The rights to the film have reverted back to me this month after being locked up for five years by Hypnotic and the multitude of sales agents that have purchased the Hypnotic catalog along the way. God love Hypnotic for all they did for the film, including programming it Canada, Japan and releasing it on two compilation DVDs. It was a good run, but I'm happy to be steering this ship at the moment.

I'm currently sifting through all of my old scraps, photos and notes and I've even pulled out the vhs dailies and a couple of rough cuts for possible inclusion.

I've got everyone who has emailed me down on the notification list... thanks for all the kind words and support. If you haven't emailed me and would like to be notified when it's avaiable, you can click the "contact" button above or just subscribe to the rss feed here. I'll probably be redesigning this lame webpage, too.

Okay, should be a hoot. Stay tuned. Updates forthcoming... that's my intention anyway.

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